Enterprise Guide: Microsoft Teams Integration - Movius System Configurations


The Microsoft Teams integration with Movius platform acts like the PBX integration that was developed for the Sprint/Stifel opportunity. The numbers that will be shared by users of Movius MultiLine and Microsoft Teams will be provided by the Movius partnership.

Incoming calls will arrive first on the Movius platform, which will be responsible for forking the calls between the Movius MultiLine app and the Microsoft Teams app. Movius will be responsible for terminating calls originating from the Movius MultiLine application or the Microsoft Team application.


Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing allows the connection of a supported Session Border Controller (SBC) provided by Movius to Microsoft Phone System. With this capability Movius can bring Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) connectivity with Microsoft Teams client in addition to the MultiLine client connectivity, as shown in the following diagram:

In this integrated scenario:

  1. Microsoft Teams users can initiate external calls in the Teams application that are terminated by the Movius platform via a configured telephone service provider.
  2. Make a call from any number to Movius MultiLine number and it will ring simultaneously to Microsoft Teams. Users can choose in which application the incoming calls will be answered (Movius MultiLine or Microsoft Teams).


The configuration of the Movius system is identical of the setting made for the Stiffel PBX integration:

  • Network Connectivity Setup
  • Firewall Ports and Services
  • Asterisk SIP Trunk for PBX (sip.conf)
  • Whitelisting PBX IP on VAP (regex_groups)
  • Configuration of Trunk on System Admin Portal
  • Configuration of Organization Trunk Group on System Admin Portal
  • Enablement of User from System Admin Portal
  • Enablement of User from Movius Management Portal (MMP)

Use the document included in the “References” for the steps necessary to configure the system. System information (IP addresses, ports, etc.) can be obtained from Microsoft Teas and Meta Perimeta documents that were created for integration with Microsoft Teams.


Sprint/Stifel PBX Integration Configuration Guide