3-Party and Conference Calling

Read on to learn about 3-party conference calling in the MultiLine mobile app. 


You can add a third participant to calls in the MultiLine application. 

Before you start 

  • Your organization can choose to enable or disable these features. If you have questions, contact your MultiLine administrator.
  • The steps are different when you are doing 3-way calling using Minutes or Data. See Call Settings: Set Data or Minutes calling modes.
  • If using Minutes calling, your phone needs to support three-way calling. Consult the manufacturer's instructions for your phone for more information. 

How to add a participant to a call (Minutes)

When making a Minutes call using MultiLine, please follow the below process to ensure that the third participant sees your MultiLine number instead of your personal number. 

Note: Make sure to add the participant to your Contacts list. 

  1. Do not click the Add Call button. Instead, open the MultiLine app.
  2. Go to your contacts and tap the desired contact.

  3. Tap Call on the Contact Information screen. The original call will briefly go on hold while the call connects.

  4. Tap Merge to create the 3-party call.

How to add a participant to a call (Data / WiFi)

When making a Data or Wi-Fi call using MultiLine there are multiple options available on the call screen, including the option to add a call. 


  1. Tap the Add Call button

  2. Dial the number

  3. Tap Merge to create the conference call

  4. Tap End to conclude the call with that party.


  1. Tap the Add button

  2. Dial the number and tap enter

  3. The conference call will connect. Tap the Drop call icon to conclude the call with that party.
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