Sending Group Messages - Android

Read on to learn about sending group messages in the mobile MultiLine Android application.  


You can send group messages by adding multiple participants to the To: list for your message. When users send group messages, all responses can be seen by all members of the group thread.

Before you start 

  • Currently, group messaging is only available to US and Canada users. If group messages are sent to users outside US and Canada, the users will receive individual messages with no grouping.
  • Your organization must allow you to use group messaging for this feature to be available.  

How to send a group message

You can send a group message using the Messages feature.

  1. Open Messages and tap the Compose button.
  2. Enter the name or number and select Done or โฎ on your keyboard before adding the next name or number (not the DONE in the upper right).
  3. Click DONE in the upper right when you've finished adding numbers.
  4. Enter your message and tap the Send button.

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