Join the MultiLine beta testing program - Android

Step 1: Use your phone to check your email for the Firebase invitation

  1. Open and read the invitation email as it includes important instructions for joining the test program.


  • The invitation to the test app will be sent to the email your admin used to enroll you into the testing program.

  • Depending on the MultiLine application your organization is using (Ex. Movius for BackBerry, MultiLine, MultiLine for Intune, etc…) you’ll see the invitation for that app.
  • After opening the invitation, you can sign in with any Google account to accept the invitation, not just the account to which the invitation was originally sent.
  • Invitations can only be accepted once before becoming invalid.
  1. Click the Get Started button to accept the invitation. You’ll be prompted to sign in and accept the Terms and Conditions.

  2. Open the Firebase App Tester app. If you’re prompted to sign in, use the same credentials as you did to accept the invitation.

  3. Select the MultiLine app you were invited to and tap Download.

Step 3: Check your email for your MultiLine invitation to activate your service

If you’re new to MultiLine, see Find and use your invitation for detailed instructions on activating MultiLine using the invitation.

If you’re not new to MultiLine, you can use the same invitation and credentials you’ve used previously to activate the app. If you can’t find your invitation, contact your IT administrator to be sent a new one.

Note: How to leave the beta testing program

To leave the program, just uninstall the tester MultiLine app, and then you can install the latest MultiLine app from the Play store, or download it using your invitation.

Happy testing! 

Thank you again for joining the beta testing program. We highly appreciate your participation and feedback for developing the final version.

Please notify us of any bugs and send us feedback by emailing us using the Contact Support feature in the MultiLine Settings menu under Help.   

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