I chose Native Contacts for my contact source, but my Contacts list is empty? Why aren't my contacts there?

Native Contacts is one of three Contact Settings you can use with all versions of MultiLine. It pulls contacts that you were using with your personal number into MultiLine. 

When you use Native Contacts with MultiLine for Intune, it pulls your contacts from inside the Work container instead of your personal contacts. This is because the Work container completely separates your work use of the phone from your personal use of the phone.

If you haven't been using your Work contacts and need to import your personal contacts instead, do the following:

  1. Export your contacts as a .vcf file and email them to yourself in Outlook. 
  2. Download the file on your Desktop and open it. Outlook will begin the process of adding the contacts from the .vcf file to your Exchange contacts. 
  3. Then set up MultiLine to use Exchange contacts.  See Using MultiLine Contacts list.
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  • Created: 11/03/2021 5:22 pm EDT
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