Managing Email Domain Restrictions for MultiLine Invitations

Administrators can restrict the email domains that can receive MultiLine invitations, to prevent other administrators from inviting users from those domains.


The most common use case of restricting email domains is to enforce that invitations are sent to corporate email accounts to prevent invitations from accidentally being sent outside the organization.

Before you Start 

How to add Allowed Email Domains

You can set up a list of allowed email domains under Administration in the Setup tab. This restricts which domains can receive invitations. 

Note: If there are no entries under Allowed Email Domains, emails can be sent to any email domain.

  1. Go to Setup  > Domain Restrictions.
  2. If you haven't set up any allowed domains yet, click add from the message.
  3. Start typing in the Allowed Email Domains area, starting with '@' and following with your desired domain and click enter.
  4. Click Save and then Yes to confirm.

Step 2: Editing and deleting

Add more or delete Email Domains by clicking Edit

To delete, click the x next to an existing domain. 

You're done!

Administrators will now only be able to send email invitations to the Allowed Domains.