Search users and view invitation status

Read this to learn how to use the Accounts tab to check whether users have onboarded.  


The Accounts tab tracks invitation status and some usage, which makes it a great place to start checking whether people are onboarding successfully. 

Before you Start 

Check invitation status and usage

All existing user accounts are visible with the current status of the account on the Accounts tab. You can search for accounts by Name, Email ID, MultiLine Number or Device Number.

  1. Hover over the icons under Status to view their current status.
    • Invite Status meanings:
      • Green: Successfully activated
      • Amber: Invitation sent, but user hasn't activated
      • Red: Suspended or Blocked
      • Grey: Opted Out
  2. For Green (successfully activated) accounts, you can click the side arrow for more information, including 
    1. Whether the user has started calling and messaging
    2. The type of device, Android or iOS
    3. Assigned user permissions See Create user permissions.