Read on to learn about the Management Portal Dashboard. 


The Dashboard is the first content you see when you log into Management Portal. It provides an overview of the user data concerning Number Utilization, Voice, Message and Data Usage. The data is grouped with related data in its respective time period: namely within the Current Cycle, Past Cycle, or over All Time.


Current Cycle

This page displays the number of New Users added, Total Active Users, Total Voice Usage (Billable Voice), Total Message Usage (Billable Message), and Total Data Usage (Billable data) over the current cycle (or calendar month).

Current Cycle: Users

You can select between Voice, Message, or Data statistics from the dropdown list to view their respective graphical representation of Current Cycle values. 

The heading of the Graph changes according to the selection:

  • Voice Usage for The Current Cycle
  • Message Usage for The Current Cycle
  • Data Usage for The Current Cycle
    Use Dropdown list to view usage of that type

Past Cycle

Displays the Total Voice, Messages, and Data Used for the previous cycle.

Past Cycle

Number Utilization

This section provides a summary of the data concerning the MultiLine numbers assigned to your organization.

Number Utilization Pie Graph

Number Utilization

In use: Shows the numbers which are currently in use. In use numbers include assigned numbers, reserved numbers, registered numbers, and numbers allocated to an organization. 

Available: Shows the numbers which are unallocated and can be used by the administrator. Click anywhere on the Pie chart to open the Number Utilization Details.

Number Utilization Details

Number Utilization Details explains metrics in terms of the following:

  • Total:
  • Allocated to Sub-Organizations: numbers which are allocated to sub-organizations.
  • Assigned: numbers which are assigned to a user through invitation, but the user has not onboarded yet.
  • Available: numbers which are currently not in use.
  • Pending invitation: the user has been invited, but not registered.
  • Reserved: numbers which are tagged for later use.
  • Registered: the user has successfully on-boarded.

Number Utilization Details

Utilization Threshold

Utilization Threshold is the upper limit (in percentage) of numbers that can be utilized before the system notifies the Administrator that they have utilized the maximum assigned threshold. After this threshold is met, every time the administrator assigns a new number - until all the available numbers are utilized – another notification will be sent.

You can edit the Utilization Threshold percentage value to be anywhere between 1% and 100%. 

  1. Click the Edit icon to pull up the Manage Threshold menu. 

Example: The Utilization Threshold is assigned as 80%. This means that whenever the Number Utilization percentage reaches 80%, the administrator will receive an email notifying them that the maximum assigned threshold has been reached.

Request More Numbers

Request More Numbers: When you get an email notification that you have reached the assigned Utilization Threshold, you can request more numbers by using the steps below:

  1.  Click Request More Numbers.
  2. A popup with the following message appears:
  3. Click OK.
  4. Use the contact information displayed to email or call to request more numbers.