What is Management Portal?

What is Management Portal?

The MultiLine service has an extensive management portal that MultiLine customers can leverage to manage their user base. Using the browser GUI-based portal, MultiLine admins can:

  • Enable and disable specific features within the app for its own organization. 
    • For example, MultiLine customers may choose to only allow integration to Exchange for contacts or disable calling over Wi-Fi.
  • Control the number inventory and assign numbers to departments and to individuals within the department. It's possible to mimic the organizational structure within the portal for easy management.
  • Send MultiLine invitations to end users by SMS or email that they use to activate the service.
  • Create and manage MultiLine accounts.
  • Use reporting to get information on usage data across the organization.

Guide that shows a left hand menu that includes Dashboard, Accounts, Administrators, Reports, and Setup. A sub menu that appears to the left of the main menu. An organization menu in the header bar. And a Profile menu in the upper right.

How do I log into Management Portal?

Your account manager will provide the URL that you need to log into Management Portal. This unique URL is only used to access your Management Portal. 

Some global companies may have multiple portal URLs. That's because users are provisioned according to their global instance. 

Learn more about signing on at About Movius Management Portal Single Sign On.

Screen of Log In site.

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