I reinstalled MultiLine, but lost my invitation. What should I do?

You can only receive the credentials necessary to activate MultiLine from a MultiLine invitation. Contact your IT organization to request a new invitation. 

  • Movius or Movius representatives can't send you new invitations. You can only receive invitations from someone in your IT organization. 
  • You can only use your invitation to activate MultiLine on one mobile phone. If you activate MultiLine on a new device, the app will be automatically unactivated on the other device. 
  • If you receive Multiple invitations for any reason, you should always use the password from the latest invitation you received. 
  • When you set a password for the MultiLine Desktop app, this does not change your activation password. Always use the password from the invitation to activate mobile apps.
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  • Created: 11/09/2021 11:54 pm EST
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