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Read on to learn about the meaning of icons you will see in your recent calls. 


When you go to your list of recent calls, you see information about your most recent call with each party and an icon. If you go to the details, you can see your call history with that party. It can be useful to understand what the icons mean. 

Similar to other calling apps, there is an incoming call icon (meaning that party called you) and outgoing call icon (meaning you called that party), and a missed call icon. However, because MultiLine has a Data mode and Minutes mode, there are additional icons (Note: Android Only).

Before you start 

  • Some organizations may disable Data Mode or Minutes Mode or other Call Settings. If these modes are disabled, you will not be able to set them in Call Settings.

Call icon meanings

Red exclamation markMissed Call
Arrow outlined in blue pointing downward-leftData Mode, Incoming Call
Blue arrow pointing downward-leftMinutes Mode, Incoming Call
Arrow outlined in green pointing upward-rightData Mode, Outgoing Call
Green arrow pointing upward-rightMinutes Mode, Outgoing Call

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