Quantify the Savings

“It works so much nicer now that we are able to keep those phone numbers. Those numbers belong to the agency.” - Home Health customer

Mobilizing employees can be expensive. MultiLine can help you contain mobility costs by enabling or accelerating a shift to BYOD. If that’s part of your business case, be sure to consider these expenses when calculating your savings:

  • Device purchase
  • Device insurance
  • Device provisioning
  • Device replacement
  • Service contract
  • SIM contract
  • Recording technology
  • Maintenance and support

Template to calculate savings

Download to use the sheet: Calculating Savings with MultiLine.xlsx

a. Number of corporate devices in your fleet
b.Number of devices that need to be replaced in the next 12-24 months

Device Costs
c. Cost to purchase device
d.Cost to provision device
e.Cost to insure device
f.Overhead costs per device (support, repair, maintenance, etc)
g.Total costs per device (c + d + e + f)

Cost Avoidance for Devices
h.Total costs per device x number of devices that need to be replaced (g x b)

Service Costs
i.Cost of mobile service per user per month
j.Cost of mobile recording per user month (if needed)
k.Total service costs per user per month (i + j)
l.Cost of MultiLine Service per user per month
m.Savings on service costs per user per month (k - l)

Total Savings on Service Costs
n.Savings on service cost per user per month x number of devices that need to be replaced (m x b)
o.Annual savings on service costs (12 x n)

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