Guide to onboarding users for MultiLine Desktop

We're excited to invite your organization to the MultiLine Desktop experience.

About MultiLine Desktop

MultiLine Desktop brings the mobile business calling and messaging features critical to your organization's frontline communications the browser. 

For regulated users, these calls and messages are captured for compliance teams in the Management Portal just as they are in the mobile apps. Users can sync with your Office 365 Exchange Contacts, or build a local contact list. 1:1 messaging and calling is supported. Manage Availability and Call Handling settings can only be set in the mobile app, but will apply for the desktop.

MultiLine Desktop is compatible with the following browsers:

  • Chrome 90.0.4430 or above
  • Safari 14 or above
  • MS Edge 90.0.818.39 or above


These instructions can be completed by admins with Invite and Setup privileges in the Management Portal for the top level organization. Onboarding requires two steps:

  • Step 1: Enable the MultiLine Desktop application
    • If your organization is using a custom email invitation, you'll need to update it
  • Step 2: Invite users

Step 1: Enable MultiLine Desktop

When your organization is able to use MultiLine Desktop, admins will see a pop-up when they log in. 

  1. Click Configure to get started and be redirected to Setup > Administration > Applications.
    Configure MultiLine Desktop Admin Notification Screen
  2. Check the box for Enable MultiLine Desktop to enable.

Alert that indicates to admin to update email template

For customers that are using customized email templates, upon enabling, you'll see the notification to update the Email Invitation template if your email invitation template is not updated with the MultiLine Desktop details. 

Update the email invitation (for custom email invites only)

You'll only see this prompt if your organization is using a custom email invitation, as we have updated default email invitations automatically. 

  1. Click Update Email Invitation template. You'll be redirected to the custom email template screen. 
  2. Click Copy to Clipboard.

  3.  Paste the content into the invitation and make edits if desired. 
  4. Click Edit to make changes. 
  5. Click Preview Template to see how edits would look and make sure that parameters are working properly.
  6. Click Save

Once an admin updates their invitations, other admins will be notified and can view the updated invitation and send to users.

Example invitation with MultiLine Desktop link and instructions added:

Screen showing example invitation

Step 2: Invite users

Onboarding new users

For users who have never used the mobile app or desktop app, invite these users in the usual fashion after enabling Desktop and updating the invitation, if required. Note: Only organizations with custom email invitations need to update the invitation manually. After enabling Desktop, invitations will include activation credentials for Desktop and app. 

Onboarding existing users

  • You must provide your users the unique MultiLine Desktop URL. If they have their MultiLine invitation, they can use the username and password provided for their first log into MultiLine Desktop. 
  • Users who have lost their invitation can use Forgot Password to reset their password. You only need to resend invitations to users that request one, or to new users.
    • Note: If users do this, they will skip the step to Reset Password during onboarding flow since they just did. 
    • The passwords users set to log into MultiLine Desktop are different from the activation password they need to activate the mobile app. For activating the mobile app, users should continue to use the password from their latest received invitation. If they lose theirs; resend the invitation to provide them the password.
  • The username and password for logging in to MultiLine Desktop for the first time is the same as the username and password for activating the mobile app. 
  • For security reasons, users will be prompted to change the password used for MultiLine Desktop on their first log in. Note: If they need to reactivate the mobile app in the future, they must use the password provided in their latest invitation, not their MultiLine Desktop password.

For organizations using Picture Messaging:

Currently, MultiLine Desktop does not support Picture Messaging (it's coming soon!). Therefore, if someone tries to send a MultiLine user a Picture Message the users will receive the Undelivered MMS message as configured in the Management Portal. To edit this message, see Edit message to users for undelivered picture message.