Why are Inbound Minutes voicemails going to native iphone when using Live Voicemail?

Apple recently introduced the Live Voicemail feature to iOS 17 users, which displays real-time transcription of voicemails. Users have the option to answer the call while the Live Voicemail is being left. 

If this feature is turned on and Minutes mode is used for incoming calls, MultiLine voicemails are sometimes picked up by the iPhone's Live Voicemail feature. When this happens, the voicemails will not appear in the MultiLine voicemail inbox, but on the iPhone's Live Voicemail inbox instead. 

However, the call will still appear in the MultiLine call log, which users can use to call back. 

Are the calls or voicemails still recorded?

Yes, the calls and voicemails are still captured in the Movius platform. MultiLine will still record:

  • The voicemail
  • The call if the user picks up during the Live Voicemail
  • The call if the user uses the Call Back feature in the Live Voicemail inbox

How do I prevent the voicemails from going to the iPhone? 

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