WeChat Messaging in MultiLine Desktop

Read on to learn about sending WeChat messages in MultiLine Desktop. 


With the WeChat add-on, MultiLine users can message with WeChat users.

Before you start 

  • Using WeChat from MultiLine Desktop app requires it to be enabled by your MultiLine administrator.
  • WeChat users must initiate the conversation. 

How it works

In your message threads, the WeChat icon  indicates the conversation is happening on WeChat. Select the message to begin chatting.

You can find your WeChat conversation with a contact by selecting the WeChat icon from the Contact details screen. 

Leave a Conversation

Feature becomes available in July 7th Release. 

WeChat limits the number of business users who can speak with WeChat users. To allow other people in your business to message with a WeChat user, you can leave the conversation when you're done with your interaction.

  1. Select the Message menu.
  2. Select Leave Conversation
  3. Confirm you want to leave the conversation. 

When complete, both users will see an automessage letting them know you left the conversation.

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