Why am I prompted to "Press any key" when using Minutes mode?

The "Press any key" feature is optional for organizations that require it. Not all MultiLine users will have this feature. 

The short answer is this step prevents us from connecting the caller to your personal voicemail instead of your MultiLine voicemail when you can't answer the call.

  • Because voicemail systems can't press keys, pressing the key confirms you're a person answering and we can connect the call. 
  • If there's no key press, it is likely your voicemail system answered the call, and we will hang up on your personal voicemail and send the caller to your MultiLine voicemail instead. 

Why is this necessary?

The Movius MultiLine application is specially developed to enable gap-free compliance technology that respects the separation of your private and business use of your phone, regardless of whether you have an internet connection available.

When the MultiLine app is using the mobile voice service ("minutes mode") to answer calls, there's no other way for us to know the difference between you answering the call and your personal voicemail system answering. If we connected the call to your voicemail system, the caller would hear your personal voicemail and leave a message there instead of to your MultiLine voicemail. This step lets us tell the difference, so we only connect the call when you pick up. 

How do I press the key?

Press the key by opening the dialpad  and tap any number.

Note: When using Minutes mode, how you do this will depend on your personal Android or iOS operating system.

What happens if I don't press the key?

If we do not get a key press within about 4 seconds, we will assume that your voicemail answered the call, disconnect the call, and play your MultiLine voicemail greeting for the person calling. 

Does the person calling me have to do anything?

The people who call you will not hear the prompt or have any difference in experience. You can rest assured that if you can't pick up their call, they'll hear your MultiLine voicemail greeting and any messages they leave will be captured according to the compliance requirements set by your organization. 

Why do I only hear the prompt sometimes?

This action is not required for data calls, so when making data calls you will not hear the prompt. See Call Settings: Set Data or Minutes calling modes for more information.

Because we give you 4 seconds to press the key, if your personal voicemail message is less than 4 seconds, your personal voicemail may record a portion of the "Press any key... " prompt as a voicemail message on your personal device.

Regardless, when we don't receive the key press, we will route the person who called you to your MultiLine voicemail, but you can avoid this issue by making sure your personal voicemail message is longer than 4 seconds.