When I make or receive calls, why do I see a number that I do not recognize?

When Movius MultiLine is set to use the regular minutes in your carrier plan, you may notice a different number together with the one you are calling or getting the call from.

Don’t worry – it’s supposed to do that. We call that number a routing number and its purpose is to relay the calls through our service to display your Movius MultiLine caller ID and keep your personal phone number private.  We associate routing numbers with your contacts and use these routing numbers whenever you place or receive a call on Minutes mode.

If you are a MultiLine user in U.S., the Movius Routing Numbers you will see are from the 913 area code (Kansas). If you are a MultiLine user in the UK, the Movius Routing numbers you will see are UK 07 mobile numbers.

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  • Created: 10/29/2021 12:51 pm EDT
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