Can you set MultiLine invitations to single use only?

Read on to learn about single-use invitations. 


When users are added to the MultiLine platform in the Management Portal, they receive activation information using an invitation by email or SMS. It is possible for MultiLine invitations to be usable unlimited times or only once. If your company chooses to use the single-use invitation feature, the user will only be able to use the included details to activate MultiLine one time, even on the same device.

If set up invitations for single use only, contact your account manager or Movius support, who can set it up for you. The setting will apply at the organization level and is inheritable by sub-organizations.

How single use invitations work 

Once the user activates MultiLine on their device using the information in the invitation, the information expires. If the user uninstalls and reinstalls the application, they will need a new invitation. If the user changes devices, they will they will need a new invitation. 

If the user attempts to use the invitation more than once, they will see the following alert "This invitation has already been used to onboard MultiLine on a mobile device. It cannot be reused. Contact your administrator for further assistance."

To provide a user a new invitation, Administrators can follow the Reinvite instructions in the Add users and send MultiLine invitations article. 

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