MultiLine Messaging for Microsoft Teams | 2024.03.16 | Release Notes

Pre-Release Notice:β€―Please note that the features listed for this release are still in process of being tested. Movius reserves the right to cancel or postpone the release of these features or to modify release dates. Furthermore, this content does not include private customer-specific developments. 

Read on to learn what’s new with MultiLine Messaging for Microsoft Teams. 

MultiLine for Microsoft Teams Release Notes

Deployment Date: March 16-17, 2024

What's New?

Display validated phone number for WeChat and LINE conversations

When WeChat and LINE users initiate conversations with a business using the guest phone number validation feature, the Movius bot validates the phone number of the user before connecting them to the MultiLine user. With this release, the validated phone number now appears below the contact name at the top of the messaging thread. This allows the MultiLine user to easily view the phone number associated with the person they're chatting with. 

For more information on the guest phone number validation feature, see WeChat: Phone Number Validation Flow and LINE: Phone Number Validation Flow. Note: Customer reader account required to view. 

Bug Fixes 

IDFixed Issue
MME-3WeChat and Line number display includes 1001/1011 prefix in MS Teams App
Teams unable to handle large messages
M2023-7855Unable to add WeChat/LINE user contact in Teams app

Version history

3/19/2024Added bug fixes