Create Admin Roles in Management Portal

Roles are a collection of privileges granted to Admins. Create your Roles before adding admins because selecting the Role will be a part of the Admin creation process.


Creating Admin Roles allows your organization to have different types of Admins. For example, you can have an Admin who is only able to invite users, and an administrator who is only able to downloading reports. 

Before you Start 

  • You need "Roles and Privileges" Role to perform these instructions. 

How to create a Role

You can create a role in Administrators > Roles and privileges. 

  1. Enter the Organization where you want to create the role. 
  2. Click Administrators.
  3. Click Roles and Privileges.
  4. Click + Create Role to create a new role.

Different privileges can be assigned by checking various features under each section. 

  • Select the checkbox to assign the privileges. 
  • If single or multiple checkboxes of a section are selected, the link for that section will get highlighted in the header link. 

Your custom Admin Roles are ready!

Now when you add Administrators accounts, they will join with the access they need to perform their role in the Managment Portal.