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Read on for a brief overview of the MultiLine experience for iPad.


The MultiLine application is a cloud-based communication solution that provides a secure and dedicated business number. This application can run on mobile phones, tablets, and wearables. The experience for iPads is similar to the mobile phone with the same screens and elements that are resized to fit on the larger screen. 

Features and Limitations

Platform Compatibility: 

  • iPads running OS 14 or newer

Responsive Design: 

  • Responsive user interface that adjusts seamlessly to any size screen

  • Portrait mode only; landscape mode and multi-panel support is in development

  • No support for external keyboards; support for external keyboards is in development

User Authentication and Authorization: 

  • Currently, MultiLine number can only deploy on tablet or mobile and not both.

Messaging Features: 

  • Real-time chat functionality with text, social message, and image sharing. 

  • Group chats

  • Push notifications for new messages across the devices. 

Calling Features: 

  • Supports calls over data or Wi-Fi

  • For tablets with SIM, will support Minutes calling. 

Offline Support for Tablets: 

  • Offline message caching and synchronization when the user comes online. 

  • Allows users to access recent messages and history without an internet connection. 

Multimedia Handling: 

  • Supports sending and receiving images including jpegs and pngs

Security and privacy:

  • End-to-end encryption for messages and calls to ensure user privacy. 

  • Compliance with data protection regulations and standards. 

User Profile and Settings: 

  • Allow users to set profile pictures, update status, and manage account settings. 

  • Provide options for customization, such as themes and notification preferences.

Search and Filter:

  • Implement a robust search functionality for finding contacts, messages, and call logs quickly. 

  • Filters for sorting conversations and contacts. 

Feedback and Reporting:

  • Includes a feedback mechanism for users to report issues or suggest improvements. 

Enabling Users

Enabling tablet users is similar to enabling MultiLine user with mobile applications. Admins send out invitations with the information necessary to activate MultiLine, and users go through a quick process that associates their MultiLine number with the device. The primary distinction is that most tablet users will not have SIM connectivity, so during setup, the admin will need to set up the user for Data Only Onboarding. 

Read on to learn how to enable Data Only Onboarding for a set of users. 


An organization may have a group of users that do not have access to a cellular network. Commonly, this applies to iPad and Android tablet users. Data Only Onboarding is a method of user activation that allows these users to activate and use MultiLine entirely using a WiFi or Data network. Users will only have the ability to call over data and not the cellular network.

Before you start

Enable Data Only onboarding

To enable Data Only Onboarding, you'll need to set user permissions. For more details see Create user permissions.

  1. Go to Setup then User Permissions.
  2. Edit or create a new user permission. 
  3. Select only Data for Inbound Call Settings and Outbound Call Settings. Deselect Minutes and Fallback. User Permission screen
  4. For MultiLine users, make sure Enable E-Mail PIN is selected in the Onboarding section. For MultiLine for Intune users, this can be left unselected. 

User Experience


If you are using a tablet or iphone that does not have cellular connectivity, these instructions are for you.

Everything you need to get started will be sent to you in a MultiLine invitation. You can use it to start the activation process. 

Step 1: Get your invitation

  • Expect an invitation to be sent to your work email. Please don't reply to this email, as it is auto-generated.
  • Your invitation will contain a Download and Activate button, a QR code, and credentials for activating MultiLine manually. 

Sample Email below:

A MultiLine invitation email containing Activation information, including QR code, Company ID, Username, Password, buttons and links.

If you ever need to delete and reinstall the mobile app, you'll need this Password from the invitation to activate it. If you lose your invitation, request a new one from your IT administrator. 

You receive MultiLine invitations from your IT organization, not Movius. Movius cannot send you invitations.

You have multiple options for activating MultiLine on your mobile device:

  • If you are opening your email on your phone, tap the Download and Activate button. 
    • It will check if the MultiLine app is installed on your phone and begin installation if not. The activation process will begin immediately.
      Download and Activate button
      Example Download and Activate button in invitation
  • If you are opening your email on your desktop or tablet, take out your phone camera and tap the QR code. Note: Not available for MultiLine for Intune.
    • It will check if the MultiLine app is installed on your phone and begin installation if not. The activation process will begin immediately.
    • If you've already downloaded MultiLine, you can also scan the QR code using MultiLine by opening the app and granting the Camera permission.
      QR code with instruction to use phone camera or QR reading app to scan
  • If necessary, you can also activate manually by entering the details from your invitation. Click the Activate Manually link from the invitation or the first screen.  
    Activation details such as CompanyID, UserName, and Password

Step 2: Complete activation

  1. Read about the permissions required for the app, then tap Proceed. Note: MultiLine does not upload, store, transmit, or sell your Contacts information. 

    Permissions Screen requesting permission to access Contacts and Phone/Microphone and Proceed button
    Permissions screen
  2. Confirm in the next prompts (sent from your phone) that you will allow the permissions.
  3. Some users will be prompted to have a one-time PIN will be sent to your mobile device. If so, enter the number of your personal SIM (your non-MultiLine number).
    Screen to enter your phone number (not the MultiLine number)

Your MultiLine number will display. Tap Okay, got it to continue.

Your MultiLine number screen

That's it!


Users can see their call history on the Recents screen. Selecting the info icons will show more information about the call and possible user actions such as calling, messaging, and more. 

Users can dial a number from the Keypad screen. As they enter the number, matching contacts will appear. For iPads without a SIM, calling will require access to Wi-Fi or data plan. 

While in call, users can access the keypad, set up a 3-way call, message, turn on speaker phone, mute, hold the call, and hang-up.  


Users can send new messages, view and search their messaging threads, and perform bulk actions on the Messages screen. The unified inbox shows all SMS and social messages. 

Selecting a thread will show the conversation and allow reading and replying. 


Users can manage their Contact list on the Contacts screen. They can create a Contact list from scratch or they can sync with Exchange Contacts or the Contacts on their phone. 


Users have access to many of the same Settings as mobile users. They can set up Contact Sync, manage availability, set up their voicemail, and more. For iPads without SIM, Minutes calling mode options will be disabled. 

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