MultiLine for Salesforce Installation Guide for Salesforce Admins

This guide is intended for the administrator of the Salesforce installation. Some integration steps will require actions by a MultiLine administrator.

MultiLine Administrator Action Needed

Before proceeding, the MultiLine Administrator needs to complete the steps in Create an API User for the Salesforce Admin

Once you've received the Welcome Administrator email, you're ready to get started.

Step 1 - Set up public site

  1. Refer to your Welcome email for integration credentials.
  2. Deploy My Domain in your organization. For more information about My Domain, see Salesforce Help.
  3. Create new public site called MultiLine. 
    1. Site Label and Site Name are case-sensitive and must match with MultiLine (Note: L in MultiLine is capitalized). For more information, see Salesforce Help.

Step 2 - Install Salesforce connector

  1. Select MultiLine for Salesforce from AppExchange
  2. Click Get Now and log in with your Salesforce credentials
  3. Click Install in Production
  4. Enter all required fields and accept Terms and Conditions
  5. Click Confirm and Install
  6. Click on Install for All Users then Install 
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  7. After the installation the MultiLine for Salesforce application will be listed as MultiLine within Installed Packages 

Note: Users won't have access to MultiLine for Salesforce until you add them to the Call Center at a later step

Step 3 - Register MultiLine

  1. Open App Launcher and open MultiLine Registration.
  2. Select MultiLine site under Configure Site and click Configure
  3. Click Register Webhooks tab and enter the information in the fields below:
    • Endpoint: https://[MultiLine admin portal URL]:8021 (Note: add port 8021 to MultiLine admin portal URL)
    • Enter Username/ Password credentials that you received via email from the MultiLine Administrator. (See Step 1)
    • Click Configure and select Enable Softphone to complete.

Step 4 - Configure MultiLine Messages List

MultiLine Messages View can be added to Contacts, Leads, and Person Account Records Page.

  1. Select a Contact, click Setup and Edit Page.
  2. Click in the tab area 
  3. Click Add Tab
  4. Name the tab as MultiLine
  5. Locate MultiLine Messages List View under Lightning Components on the left section
  6. Drag it under the MultiLine tab
  7. Click Save
  8. Click Activate 
  9. Click App Default. Then Assign as App Default
  10. Select desired Lightning apps and click Next and Save.


Repeat the steps above for the other Lead and Person Account pages as well.

Step 5 - Enable Open CTI for Salesforce connector

Before you can enable the integration, you'll need to select the Lightning app you want to enable with MultiLine. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the App Manager
  2. Select each Lightning app you want to enable with MultiLine
  3. Select Edit
  4. Select the Utility Items >> Add Utility Item >> Open CTI Softphone
  5. Rename the Open CTI Softphone as MultiLine
  6. Set Panel Width to ‘340’ and Panel Height ‘540’ 
  7. Make sure Start Automatically checkbox is selected
  8. Click Save

Step 6 - Enable Out of Office

  1. Open Developer Console under Setup 
  2. Click Debug and Open Execute Anonymous Window
  3. Copy and paste the following code in the window as shown below then click Execute to complete 
String cronExp = '0 30 * ? * *';
MultiLine.MultilineUpdateOOOStatusScheduler  newSch = new MultiLine.MultilineUpdateOOOStatusScheduler();
System.schedule('Multiline OOO Status Scheduler', cronExp, newSch);

MultiLine Administrator Action Needed

Before proceeding, the Salesforce Administrator needs to complete the steps in Configure MultiLine Portal.

Once the MultiLine administrator actions are complete, proceed.

Step 7 - Manage Licenses

  1. Go to Installed Packages under Setup
  2. Select MultiLine then click Manage Licenses.
  3. Click Add User and select your users and click Add to complete

Step 8 - Apply "MultiLine" Permissions set to users

  1. Open Permission Sets under Setup 
  2. Click MML Permissions
  3. Click Manage Assignments
  4. Click Add Assignments

Step 9 - Add users to Call Center

  1. Go to Call Centers under Setup and click Continue 
  2. Select OpenCTI and click Manage Call Center Users 
  3. Click Add More Users  
  4. Select Users and click Add to Call Center

Step 10 - Manage Users

Set Additional Fields to User Layout

  1. Go to user profile, click on Settings
  2. Select Advanced User Details. Expand the menu on the right and click Edit Layout.
  3. Under User Page Layout, drag each of the shown fields and drop into Additional Information section as shown(Fields to be selected: MultiLine, MultiLine Error, MultiLine Registration Date, Old Desk Phone, SIP PIN, SIP Username)
  4. Click Save.

Note: It is recommended that the MultiLine for Salesforce users do not have edit abilities on Additional Information section.

Re-registering users

If the user sees any error (ex: “WebRTC details not found”) in the MultiLine for Salesforce utility, re-register user using following steps

  1. Under Setup, go to Users.
  2. Click user for User details. 
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Go to Additional Information section.
  5. Clear MultiLine error field, MultiLine field and MultiLine Registration Date.
  6. Save the settings. 
  7. Ask user to logout and login again. 


De-provisioning users

If the user needs to be deprovisioned from using MultiLine for Salesforce, 

  1. Clear MultiLine and MultiLine Registration Date as shown in the above steps.
  2. Change the user Profile to the one that does not have MML Permissions or Remove the MML Permissions from user’s Assignment


This completes the configuration of MultiLine for Salesforce. Next time when Salesforce users login into Salesforce, they'll see the MultiLine utility in the bottom left bar. After accepting the terms and conditions, they'll be able to use MultiLine.