Activating MultiLine - Android

Everything you need to get started will be sent to you in a MultiLine invitation. You can use it to start the activation process. 

Step 1: Get your invitation

  • Expect an invitation to be sent to your work email. Please don't reply to this email, as it is auto-generated.
  • Your invitation will contain a Download and Activate button, a QR code, and credentials for activating MultiLine manually. 

Sample Email below:

A MultiLine invitation email containing Activation information, including QR code, Company ID, Username, Password, buttons and links.

If you ever need to delete and reinstall the mobile app, you'll need this Password from the invitation to activate it. If you lose your invitation, request a new one from your IT administrator. 

You receive MultiLine invitations from your IT organization, not Movius. Movius cannot send you invitations.

Some users may receive one of these alternative invitations:

  • SMS invitation
  • Legacy invitation (email will only contain credentials and not a QR code)

You have multiple options for activating MultiLine on your mobile device:

  • If you are opening your email on your phone, tap the Download and Activate button. 
    • It will check if the MultiLine app is installed on your phone and begin installation if not. The activation process will begin immediately.
      Download and Activate button
      Example Download and Activate button in invitation
  • If you are opening your email on your desktop or tablet, take out your phone camera and tap the QR code.
    • It will check if the MultiLine app is installed on your phone and begin installation if not. The activation process will begin immediately.
    • If you've already downloaded MultiLine, you can also scan the QR code using MultiLine by opening the app and granting the Camera permission.
      QR code with instruction to use phone camera or QR reading app to scan
  • If necessary, you can also activate manually by entering the details from your invitation. Click the Activate Manually link from the invitation or the first screen.  
    Activation details such as CompanyID, UserName, and Password

Step 2: Complete activation

  1. Read about the permissions required for the app, then tap Proceed. Note: MultiLine does not upload, store, transmit, or sell your Contacts information. 

    Permissions Screen requesting permission to access Contacts and Phone/Microphone and Proceed button
    Permissions screen
  2. Confirm in the next prompts (sent from your phone) that you will allow the permissions.
  3. Some users will be prompted to have a one-time PIN will be sent to your mobile device. If so, enter the number of your personal SIM (your non-MultiLine number).
    Screen to enter your phone number (not the MultiLine number)
  4. Most of the time, this PIN will be auto-detected. Tap Activate to continue. Note: in the rare case that the PIN is not detected, try RESEND PIN or GET PIN VIA CALL or GET PIN VIA EMAIL, if the options are available.
    PIN Screen showing auto-detected PIN and Activate button
    Activation Screen

Your MultiLine number will display. Tap Okay, got it to continue.

Your MultiLine number screen

That's it!

You've completed activation and are ready to use MultiLine.

MultiLine apps work on iOS and Android smartphones and their interface differs accordingly. To learn how to call and message with MultiLine, please select your smartphone type:



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