Enable WhatsApp Messaging for users

Read on to learn how an Admin can enable WhatsApp Messaging for users.


You can enable WhatsApp Messaging by Organization or by User Account.

Before you start

Enable WhatsApp messaging for an Organization

  1. Log into the MMP.
  2. Navigate to the WhatsApp sub-organization.
  3. Go to Setup > Feature Settings > WhatsApp Messaging.
    Setup WhatsApp messaging screen

  4. Review the details and then check the box to Enable WhatsApp Messaging.
    Enable whatsapp messaging screen

Inherited Flag

If you see a yellow Inherited label, that means you are in a sub-organization of an organization which has WhatsApp Messaging enabled, and therefore WhatsApp Messaging was enabled its sub-organizations. 

You can uncheck Enable WhatsApp Messaging to disable it for the sub-organization. This will disable its sub-organizations as well. Admins of those sub-organizations will then be able to enable it if needed.

Screen showing Inherited flags

Onboarding users in the enabled organization will automatically have the WhatsApp messaging feature when they complete their onboarding. 

Existing users will see a pop-up in-app letting them know the WhatsApp messaging feature is available for use. 

Enable or disable WhatsApp messaging for individual user

  1. Log into MMP.
  2. Go to Accounts.
  3. Find the user and click the Edit pencil.
    accounts screen

  4. To enable WhatsApp Messaging, switch the Social Messaging toggle to on (green checkmark). To disable, switch the toggle to off (grey 'x' mark).
    Profile screen
  5. Click Save.  
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