Release Notes | MultiLine for Salesforce | Oct 21st

What's new in MultiLine for Salesforce

  • Untagged Message Wizard - This new feature allows Users to find and tag any Untagged Message with appropriate Salesforce Entities, including Lead, Account, or Contact.
  • UI Fixes: 
    • Added Call icon to Ongoing Call Screen
    • Updated Template icon
    • Added Hint Text "Type Number Here" to dial pad
    • Changed "Recent" Icon to "Call Icon" on dial pad

UI Enhancements 

  • DialPad Interface Improvements
  • Settings Interface Improvements
  • Task Log Interface Improvements
  • During an incoming and outgoing call from a new number, user can now add the contact, lead, or account directly within MultiLine for Salesforce
  • New alert for incoming text on ML for SF app must be indicated by a notification icon
  • User can now enable and disable the push notification for incoming texts/ calls using a toggle button. 
    • If the push notification is enabled, user can adjust the ringing volume for calls and sound for incoming texts on a scale of 0-5 (5 being the highest).