Find and use your invitation

Everything you need to get started will be sent to you in a MultiLine invitation. You can use it to start the activation process. 

Before you start:

If you're using MultiLine for Intune...

If you're using Movius for BlackBerry

  • You need to download and install the BlackBerry UEM used by your organization before you download any Work apps, including Movius for BlackBerry.

Get your invitation

  • Expect an invitation to be sent to your work email. Please don't reply to this email, as it is auto-generated.
  • Your invitation will contain a Download and Activate button, a QR code, and credentials for activating MultiLine manually. 

Sample Email below:

If you ever need to delete and reinstall the mobile app, you'll need this Password from the invitation to activate it. If you lose your invitation, request a new one from your IT administrator. 

You receive MultiLine invitations from your IT organization, not Movius. Movius cannot send you invitations.

Some users may receive one of these alternative invitations:

  • SMS invitation
  • Legacy invitation (email will only contain credentials and not a QR code)

You have multiple options for activating MultiLine on your mobile device:

  • If you are opening your email on your phone, tap the Download and Activate button. 
    • It will check if the MultiLine app is installed on your phone and begin installation if not. The activation process will begin immediately.
      Example Download and Activate button in invitation
  • If you are opening your email on your desktop or tablet, take out your phone camera and tap the QR code. Note: Not available for MultiLine for Intune.
    • It will check if the MultiLine app is installed on your phone and begin installation if not. The activation process will begin immediately.
    • If you've already downloaded MultiLine, you can also scan the QR code using MultiLine by opening the app and granting the Camera permission.
      Example QR Code in invitation 
  • If necessary, you can also activate manually by entering the details from your invitation. Click the Activate Manually link from the invitation or the first screen.  
    Details in the invitation required for "Manual Activation" method

How to complete activation

  1. Read about the permissions required for the app, then tap Proceed. Note: MultiLine does not upload, store, transmit, or sell your Contacts information. 

    Permissions screen
  2. Confirm in the next prompts (sent from your phone) that you will allow the permissions.
  3. A one-time PIN will be sent to your mobile device. Most of the time, this PIN will be auto-detected. Tap Activate to continue. Note: in the rare case that the PIN is not detected, try RESEND PIN or GET PIN VIA CALL
    Activation Screen

That's it! Your MultiLine number will display. Tap Okay, got it to continue.


What is my organization ID? What is my username and password?

MultiLine applications are available by invitation only to prevent unauthorized users. Your IT organization will send you an SMS or email containing your credentials. If you can't find your invitation, ask your IT administrator to send you a new one. 

If you're seeing  “Invalid Company/ Org ID. Please try again”

Due to security reasons, we can't be more specific about what went wrong with your credentials. If you've typed in your credentials exactly as included in your invitation there are a few reasons you may see this error:

  • You received a more recent invitation that has replaced your older invitation
  • You used MultiLine with another organization previously, and they did not delete your user account (you can only have one MultiLine account)
  • You are supposed to port in the number on your device to MultiLine and get a new number for your personal, but you haven't swapped your SIM card with a new one before onboarding

Also try...

  1. Make sure to type the Company / Org ID from your invitation slowly and carefully with no typos. 
    • If for any reason you’ve received multiple invitations, use the most recent credentials.
  2. Temporarily turn off the WiFi connection for your phone when typing in the credentials.   
  3. When prompted for your phone number to send the PIN, make sure you're entering your active personal phone number of the device (not the MultiLine number, or a number that is being ported into MultiLine service).  
    • A PIN will be sent via text message immediately to this personal phone number.   
    • Enter the received PIN into the MultiLine application when asked.
  4. If you continue to get the Invalid Company / Org ID error, uninstall the MultiLine application from your phone, reinstall the MultiLine application, and re-try using the Credential information included on your invitation. 
  5. If additional guidance or a complete new set of credentials is needed, please contact your company administrator using the information in the invitation.

How do I reonboard after deleting the app or switching phones?

Sometimes you need to delete the app, whether you're changing phones or something else. Whenever you install or reinstall MultiLine you must reactivate. 

Note: Activation pairs your native phone with your assigned MultiLine number. You can only use an invitation on one phone at a time.

To prevent unauthorized use, all MultiLine apps require an invitation to complete activation. Most users receive this by email, but some will receive by SMS. 

If you still have your MultiLine invitation, you can frequently use that one to log in again. If you have multiple invitations, use the latest one you were sent.  However, some organizations restrict invitations to one-time use. 

Movius does not and can not send or manage invitations for your organization. If you can't find your invitation, or your invitations don't work, you'll need to contact your IT department to have a new invitation sent. 

Once you have your new invitation, the activation process is short and sweet- you'll be up and running in no time.