Managing reports on MultiLine Admins

Read on to learn how to search, view, and download reports on activities Admins are doing in the Management portal. 


Whenever Admins perform actions in the Management Portal the actions are logged in reports. The Administrator Activity page provides a detailed and comprehensive search of all activities performed by Admins in the organization.

Admins can find reports of Employee activity by searching for Admin Reports. 

Before you start 

How to see reports on Admin activity

  1. Go to Reports > Administrator Activity 
  2. Search by
    • Date Range
    • Activity Type(by default all are selected)
      • All
      • Portal Access
      • View
      • Write
      • Download
    • Event Type(by default all are selected)
      • There are 40 event types corresponding to all the activities administrators can perform in the portal or API. 
      • Examples: Login, Download Activities, Delete User Account
    • Administrator (name or email)
    • Organization (name or id)
    • Details
      • MultiLine number
      • First and last name
      • Device number
      • User permissions
      • Email address
      • IP Address
      • and more...
  3. View the results of the search
    • If you search using the Details field, searched terms will be highlighted when you expand a result's details
  4. Use the Download buttons to save the .CSV file(s)
    • This action, like any other you take in the portal, will generate an activity report under your administrator details