Managing reports for Enterprise-wide MultiLine usage

Read on to learn how to view how many messages, calls, and data have been consumed by all the users in your organization. 


The Consumption Metrics page will give you an enterprise-wide overview of your organization's MultiLine usage - tracking and graphing the amount of minutes used, messages sent, and mobile data consumed. You can choose to view a number of timeframes, including the current cycle, past cycle, or week by week.

Before you start 

How to view enterprise consumption metrics

  1. Go to the Reports tab and then to the Consumption Metrics tab in the sub-menu.
    Reports > Consumption Metrics
  2.  Consumption Metrics will automatically display Voice, Messages, and Data for the Current Cycle.
    Consumption Metrics
  3. Use the drop-down menu in the top right to view by Custom Date, Today, Last 7 Days, Current Cycle, or Last Cycle.
    • If you select custom date, you can select a day or range from the calendar. 
      • Click twice on a day to view usage for the day, click twice on two different days to set a range.
      • If you need to adjust the range selected, just click a third time to set a new range.
        Select a Custom Date 
  4. Hover the mouse over data points to see more information.
    Voice: Incoming and OutgoingMessages: Sent and ReceivedData: MB Consumed
  5. Click the download icon to download a report.Example Report: VoiceExample Report: SMS Consumption

Example Report: Data