Getting consent to message using WhatsApp Opt-In Flow

Refer to this topic to learn what to expect when you initiate a new WhatsApp conversation. 


WhatsApp Business Accounts are required to gain consent from WhatsApp users prior to messaging them. These opt-in messages are captured by the Movius platform for attestation purposes. 

Before you start

  • Your organization must enable WhatsApp messaging for this feature to be available. 
  • You can only send WhatsApp messages to users in your contacts. If you need help setting up your contacts, see Get started with Contacts.

WhatsApp Opt-In Flow

When you try to send a message to a client with WhatsApp for the first time, you're required to get consent using an Opt In process. 

  1. To start a new WhatsApp conversation, find your contact and click the WhatsApp icon.
    1. A prompt will appear asking you if you'd like to send the contact an Opt In message.
  2. Click Confirm to send the Opt-In. There are four possible outcomes:
    1. Contact doesn't have WhatsApp
      1.  You'll see a message letting you know your contact isn't a WhatsApp user, and ask if you'd like to send an SMS instead.
      2. Select Yes to go to the SMS message screen. Select No to return to contacts.
    2. Contact has WhatsApp- customer receives opt-in request
      1. Contact accepts Opt-In request
        1. You'll see a confirmation message letting you know the contact has chosen to opt-in.
        2. Your contact will see a message letting them know they've opted-in.
      2. Contact rejects Opt-In request
        1. If your contact rejects the Opt-In, you'll see a message letting you know. The message templates and send message field will be disabled for the contact.
        2. The customer will be informed of their Opt-Out status, and that it is possible to Opt-In at any time by replying "yes".

      3. Contact doesn't respond to Opt-In request
        1. If your contact doesn't respond to the Opt-In, you'll be able to send a new one every 24 hours.
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