Number Utilization

Read this to learn how to interpret the Number Utilization panel. 

About Number Utilization

On the Number Utilization panel on the Dashboard, you can view how many numbers you're using and have available.

In use: Shows the numbers which are currently in use. In use numbers include assigned numbers, reserved numbers, registered numbers, and numbers allocated to an organization. 

Available: Shows the numbers which are unallocated and can be used by the administrator. 

Click anywhere on the Pie chart to see the number utilization in detail as below:

The total quantity of available numbers is divided into 5 categories:

  • Available: The numbers which are currently not in use.
  • Reserved: The numbers which are tagged for later use.
  • Assigned: The numbers which are assigned to a user through invitation, but the user has not on-boarded yet.
  • Registered: The user has successfully on-boarded.
  • Allocated to Sub-Organizations: The numbers which are allocated to sub-organizations.

Utilization Threshold: It is the upper limit (in percentage) allocated for notifying the Administrator through an email, that he has utilized the maximum assigned threshold. Every time the administrator assigns a new number till all the available numbers are utilized, an email notifying the same will be sent. 

You can edit the Utilization Threshold percentage value to be anywhere between 1 to 100.

Example: In Figure 9 the Utilization Threshold is assigned as 80%. This means, when the Number Utilization percentage reaches 80%, the administrator will receive an email saying that the maximum assigned threshold has been reached. 


Request More Numbers: When you get an email notification that you have reached the assigned Utilization Threshold, you can request for more numbers using the steps below:

  • Click Request More Numbers.
  • A popup with the following message appears:


  • Click OK.
  • Send an email requesting for more numbers to the email address mentioned in the popup. 
  • You may also call on the number appearing in the popup.


Download Report: Two reports related to Consumption (Voice, Message and Data) and Number Utilization can be downloaded from two separate download icons on this screen. The same can be downloaded by following the below steps:

  1. Click   (refer to Figure 4) to download the required report.
  2. Choose Open or Save to view or download the CSV file.