Switch SIM card

Read on to learn what to do when you are using MultiLine when changing your SIM card. 


For the MultiLine service to work, your MultiLine account is associated with the number provided by your SIM card. When you switch your personal carrier or change SIM cards while traveling, you'll need to update MultiLine to use your new number.

Update your linked SIM number

You can update your number by going to Settings, then Call Settings

1. Select Associated SIM Number from the menu.

Call Settings menu

 2. A prompt will appear showing you your current SIM number and showing the options Keep and Change. Select Change to continue. 

Associated SIM Number Prompt

3. Enter the new phone number to link it to your account. Include country code. 

Enter Phone Number screen

4. Confirm your new number in the prompt. 

Confirmation prompt

5. A PIN will be sent to your device. The application will autodetect the PIN. Select Continue to proceed.Verify Number screen

6. That's it! You're ready to use MultiLine with your new SIM.

Confirmation prompt

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