Can MultiLine prove its Data integrity?

Yes, MultiLine can prove that data moving over its network hasn't been intercepted and changed?

  • Data stored on the apps consist of Call history, SMS history and voicemail..
  • All data between the client and server is encrypted
    • SIP over TLS uses SHA2 with RSA
    • Secure RTP SRTP between client and server uses AES_CM_128_HMAC_SHA1_80
    • Restful WEB Services uses HTTPS
  • The Movius for Blackberry apps (Android and iOS) communicate via POST with the server hence the data between the client and server cannot be viewed by a third party. 
  • SSL Pinning ensure that the client checks the server’s certificate against a known copy of that certificate only, which ultimately prevents a man in the middle attack.
  • For Movius for Blackberry Android app, the application uses SQL cipher that performs transparent and on the fly encryption to DB. 
  • For Movius for Blackberry iOS app, the application uses Core data enabled with Data Protection Options and SQL Cipher to encrypt the DB.
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