How to use Movius Release Notes

Quick tips for using Release Notes effectively. 

Subscribe to Release Notes

  • Select the Subscribe button on the Release Notes page and enter your email address to receive notice of new or updated content the following morning at 5AM EST.
  • You can also check your subscription status at any time by selecting subscribe and entering your email address.

Types of Release Notes

  • Movius Platform Updates: What's new in Management Portal, API, and service updates that prepare MultiLine applications with necessary technology for updates. 
    • Note: Access to this content requires log-in.  
  • Platform Hot Fixes: Fixes to Platform Updates that occur outside the planned release schedule. 
  • MultiLine App: What's new for MultiLine, Movius for BlackBerry, and MultiLine for Intune mobile apps and MultiLine desktop apps. 
  • App Hot Fixes: Fixes to App Releases that occur outside the planned release schedule.  
  • Microsoft Teams Integration: What's new in MultiLine Messaging app and Voice Integration (Coming Soon!) in Microsoft Teams.
  • Social Messaging: What's new for social messaging integration. 
  • Salesforce Integration: What's new in the MultiLine Salesforce utility in Salesforce.
  • Product News: Important news that falls outside of the Releases, such as known issues and workarounds.

Note: You must log in to view Movius Platform Updates.

Movius reserves the right to cancel or postpone the release of any features and to modify release dates. Furthermore, content on this Help Center does not include private customer-specific developments.

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