Customize SMS invitations

Read this instruction to learn how to customize SMS invitations.


Admins can customize SMS invitations. We provide a default SMS invitation with the required information that you can edit according to the needs of your organization.

Before you Start

Edit the SMS invitation template

Change the text of the SMS invitation template in Setup > Message Template. 

  1. Go to Setup > Administration > Invitation Templates > Messages.
  2. Click Edit. Make any desired changes.
    Note: You must include required  variables. See below for list of parameters
  3. Click Preview Template to see how edits would look and make sure that parameters are working properly.
  4. Click Save.

List of invitation variables

Variable name




First name of the invited user.



Last name of the invited user.



If the user does not have the app, clicking this link will take the user to the App or Play store. If the user already has the app, it will open the app. 


Your custom MultiLine SMS invitation is ready!

All new SMS invitations sent will have your custom content. 

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