Manage User Accounts and Invitations


Create user permissions Updated
How to add user permissions that define which app features are available to users of the MultiLine app.
Managing Email Domain Restrictions for MultiLine Invitations
How to restrict the email domains that can receive MultiLine invitations.
Customize email invitations
How to customize email invitations. We provide a default email invitation with the required information which you can edit according to the needs of your organization.
Guide to updating invitations for simplified onboarding
MultiLine email and message invitations have been updated to offer a streamlined experience. Email invitations can now include a user-friendly "Download and Activate" button and QR Code. This new onboarding experience makes it easy for use...
Customize SMS invitations
How to customize SMS invitations. We provide a default SMS invitation with the required information that you can edit according to the needs of your organization.
Send MultiLine Invitations (Add users)
How to send or resend MultiLine invitations which are required for users to access MultiLine apps.
Search users and view invitation status
Read this to learn how to use the Accounts tab to check whether users have onboarded.   Overview The Accounts tab tracks invitation status and some usage, which makes it a great place to start checking whether people are onboarding successf...
Move users
How to move an account to a different organization.
Suspend a user
How to suspend a user.
Delete user and release, reserve, or forward calls
How to delete a user
Manage Webhook Events
Read on to learn about setting up a Webhook.  Overview Administrators use Webhooks to connect MultiLine to an external application.  Before you start  Step 1: Create User Permissions Go to Setup, then User Permissions, ...
Set Filters in Accounts Updated
Read on to learn how Admins can set filters.  Overview Filters can be used with the Move or Resend Invite options in Management Portal  Before you start  Set filter Go to the Management Portal and select Accounts from ...
Set Forwarding Number for Messaging Only MultiLine
Read on to learn about setting a forwarding number during the invitation process for Messaging Only MultiLine users.  Overview Messaging Only MultiLine is a version of MultiLine that does not include Voice features such as calling and voicema...