Version 4.00.00 - 4.00.01 | iOS Release Notes

Movius iOS App v. 4.00.00 Release Notes

We update MultiLine applications quarterly with new features and improvements. To stay up to date and make the most of your MultiLine experience, please read on and learn what’s new with the MultiLine, MultiLine for Intune, and Movius for BlackBerry apps. 

Version 4.00.00

Production Deployment Schedule

  • MultiLine for Intune v. 4.00.00 | iOS | November 18, 2023
  • Movius MultiLine v. 4.00.01 | iOS | December 2, 2023
  • Movius for BlackBerry v. 4.00.00 | iOS | TBD

What's New?

User interface and performance updates (iOS)

Several updates to the visual design that make the app experience more productive and intuitive, including:

  • Multiple UI updates to provide a consistent experience across all app functionality
  • A new voicemail tab allowing direct access to voicemails on the Messages screen
  • An updated Settings screen to make it easier to manage your MultiLine experience
  • An expanded color palette to help users more easily distinguish message threads, new messages (blue icons), contacts, and settings
  • A simpler  dialer interface and added colors to the dialer buttons
  • The Call Over Data or Minutes toggle on the left of the dialer now changes colors (blue for Data, green for Minutes) based on the user's selection
  • A more seamless Minutes calling experience

Version History

11/07/2023Updated Release Schedule
11/10/2023Added bug fix to notes
11/15/2023Removed bug fix table added in error on 11/10
Added more imagery of changes
11/22/2023Add information about pluto hotfix hotfix
12/01/2023Added more information about pluto hotfix
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