Get Started: MultiLine for Intune

What is MultiLine?

Read on to learn about the MultiLine service.


MultiLine provides users a separate business number for all work calls, texts, social messaging, voicemail, and contacts on their smart phone. You'll be able to do all your work calling and messaging using this separate phone number, and keep your personal number private. 

MultiLine mobile apps provide a separate dialer, call and message log, voicemail, and business features. You can also use your MultiLine number from the desktop or from within Salesforce CRM.

Because the MultiLine number is a real carrier-supported number, you don't need an internet connection to make calls but can use cellular minutes. You'll learn more about this in Call Settings: Set Data or Minutes calling modes.

About MultiLine for Intune

MultiLine for Intune is a secure, carrier-agnostic business application that enables employees to compliantly communicate with external clients through a separate business number on their own personal devices, specially built to be managed by Microsoft Intune. This version of MultiLine allows IT and mobility managers to secure their client communication data while ensuring employees are not using their personal number or other consumer messengers for business communications.  

MultiLine for Intune works over any iOS/Android device and can be deployed over any global carrier. MultiLine’s patented technology allows employees to make and receive calls on their business number over WiFi, mobile data and/or GSM (not VoIP-only) ensuring employees are always accessible and connected with their clients no matter where they work. 

  • Authenticate the same way you do other Work apps

    • Access MultiLine with the corporate credentials you use for Outlook or Office 365.
    • If applicable, download MultiLine from corporate-protected App or Play store.  
  • One-click sync to Exchange contacts

    • MultiLine for Intune automatically detects the Exchange contacts associated with your email ID.
  • Automatic phone number recognition

    • Whenever a phone number appears in your managed apps—within an SMS or messaging program, in an email, in the browser, the number will be rendered as a clickable link. Tap the link and the MultiLine for Intune call screen will automatically appear to make the call.

Activating MultiLine for Intune

Everything you need to get started will be sent to you in a MultiLine for Intune invitation. You can use it to start the activation process. 

Before you start:

Get your invitation

  • Expect an invitation to be sent to your work email. Please don't reply to this email, as it is auto-generated.
  • If you open the link on your phone, you can click the link in the invitation to download and launch the MultiLine app.

Example Invitation - The appearance of invitation will vary

NOTE: Movius does not send or manage MultiLine invitations. Please reach out to the appropriate contact at your organization to request new invitations or receive troubleshooting assistance. 

Activate MultiLine for Intune

Once you download the MultiLine for Intune app from Google or Play Store, open the app to begin the activation process. 


1. Tap Continue to begin.

2.  Confirm any permission requests - Microphone, Contacts, Notifications - as they appear.

Permission Requests

3. Some users will be prompted to enter their phone number and confirm that it is correct on the next screen. 

Screen to enter your phone number (not the MultiLine number)

4. Some users may see a step for PIN code verification. This PIN code is usually auto-detected, but users can also receive the PIN by calling or email. PIN verification step

5. Your new number displays. Tap Okay, Got it to continue. 

Your MultiLine number screen


  1. Confirm any permission requests - Microphone, Contacts, Notifications - as they appear.
  2. Read the Disclosure & Consent Requirement, then tap Proceed. Note: MultiLine does not upload, store, transmit, or sell your Contacts information. 
    Android Permission Screen
  3. Confirm your phone number (the one associated with your SIM card, your usual number).
    Screen to enter your phone number (not the MultiLine number)
  4. Confirm in the next prompts (sent from your phone) that you will allow the permissions.

Your MultiLine number will display. Tap Okay, got it to continue.
Your MultiLine number screen

That's it!

You've activated MultiLine for Intune.

MultiLine for Intune apps work on iOS and Android smartphones and their interface differs accordingly. To learn how to call and message with MultiLine for Intune, please select your smartphone type: