July-Aug | Release Notes | App | Version 3.7

Movius App 3.7 Release Notes

We update MultiLine applications quarterly with new features and improvements. To stay up to date and make the most of your MultiLine experience, please read on and learn what’s new with the MultiLine, MultiLine for Intune, and Movius for BlackBerry apps. 

Movius reserves the right to make updates to the production deployment schedule and release content at any time prior to the release. 

Version 3.7.1

Production Deployment Schedule

MultiLine for Intune v. 3.7.1 | iOS | September 8, 2023

MultiLine for Intune v. 3.7.1 | Android | September 15, 2023

Movius MultiLine v. 3.7.1 | iOS | September 8, 2023

Movius MultiLine v. 3.7.1 | Android | September 15, 2023

Movius for BlackBerry v. 3.7.1 | iOS | September 8, 2023

Movius for BlackBerry v. 3.7.1 | Android | September 15, 2023

What's New?

Data-Only onboarding

Users can activate MultiLine with a data-only connection. Users will be able to message and call using data, calls on minutes will be disabled.

We've redesigned the MultiLine activation process to minimize user input requirements, allowing for a seamless and efficient experience. Users activating with a data-only connection will not need to provide their phone number and will receive their PIN over email.

Admin enablement instructions are available at Set Up Data Only Onboarding.

SIM-swap support

When users replace their personal SIM cards they'll no longer need to reactivate the account. For more information see Switching SIM card or phone.

ARYA Actions

ARYA will respond to spam reports by blocking the reported number for the user who reported it.  For more information see ARYA: Providing Call Quality Feedback Product Document (Requires customer log in).

ARYA Spam Blocking User Experience

Local CLI display 

Telecommunication regulations in Singapore now require mobile devices to display calls from trusted local sources using the local number format. In this release, we support displaying numbers in this format.

MultiLine for Intune iOS SDK 17.6.1

We updated to support Microsoft Intune App SDK for iOS version that is recommended for iOS 17. 

Version 3.7.3

Production Deployment Schedule

Timeframe: October 2023

Updates planned for MultiLine for Intune v. 3.7.3, Movius MultiLine v. 3.7.3, and Movius for BlackBerry v.3.7.3

What's New?

User interface and performance updates (iOS)

The application has a new look and feel that will make MultiLine friendlier and more in line with the modern iOS appearance. 

  • We've expanded the color palette so that users can more easily distinguish message threads, new messages (blue icons), contacts, and settings
  • A new dedicated tab at the top of the Messages screen allows users to directly access voicemails
  • We've simplified the dialer interface and added colors to the dialer buttons
  • The Data/Minutes toggle has been moved to the left side of the Call icon, which changes colors (blue for Data, green for Minutes) based on the user's selection
  • We've made the Minutes calling experience more seamless


Bug Fixes

CS-2329383.7.1When only Native Contacts are enabled, it will be set as the default contact source

Version History

07/20/2023Edited release cadence, story content, and added Bug Fixes 
07/04/2023Added link to Admin doc for Data Only Onboarding
08/09/2023Update dates
08/11/2023Update dates
08/17/2023Add links to documentation
08/24/2023Updated release dates for 3.7.1
08/30/2023Updated dates
09/14/2023Add Android dates and iOS ADK update