Arya: Providing Call Quality Feedback Product Document

Read on to learn about the Arya Call Quality Feedback system that can provide your organization valuable data and improves the MultiLine service. 


Our aim is to continuously improve our product to provide a calling experience that is unrivaled by any other application. In 2022, we're implementing a system called Arya that uses automatic logging, user feedback, and AI analysis to identify opportunities to improve the service.

Your organization can opt into two user feedback models: feedback from the Recents page, or prompts after a call. 

Providing feedback from the Recents page

With this feedback model, users can provide feedback at any time by going to the recents page. 

  1. Go to your Calls screen and tap on a recent call.

  2. The full list of calls with that caller or contact will appear. Tap the thumbs up or thumbs down icon for the call.

After a short moment the icon will change color to let you know the feedback has been sent. 

Example of thumbs up

Example of thumbs down

Providing feedback after a call

With this feedback model, after users end their call, they'll receive a prompt requesting feedback. 

  1. After the call ends a notification appears, click the notification to pull up the app screen.
  2. The prompt appears providing the thumbs up and thumbs down options.
  3. If the user chooses thumbs up, this completes the feedback process. If the user chooses thumbs down, they're asked "What was the issue?"
    • Movius offers four default options: "Call dropped", "Could not hear the other party", "Call/Speech delay", or "Other".
      User selects "Could not hear the other party"
    • Organizations can configure their own options if desired.
  4. If the user chooses "Other", they can type their reason into the field.
    User selects "Other Reason"User can type a reason into the field

Thank you so much!

  • This feature will address MultiLine user’s perception vs reality about call quality experiences using MultiLine service. 
  • The logs collected in this process will assist Customer Service to provide timely resolution of  issues. 
  • Enterprise Admins can receive the aggregate analytical data of the feedback provided by their employees. 
  • Root cause analysis will assist Movius Partners to solve in a more effective way.