Healthcare Compliance FAQ

Does MultiLine support TCPA Opt-In/Opt-Out? 

Yes. We understand that in highly regulated industries – there are often requirements to capture patient opt-in or for the to patient in order to text with their provider. 

MultiLine renders this process easy, texting enrollment is built-in with our Opt-In feature. It’s a simple process. When the provider first texts a patient – the patient will receive a message which allows them to either opt-in to texting by replying “YES” or decline the invitation by replying “STOP” to the text conversation. When they reply “YES” – both the patient and the provider receive an auto-generated message informing of the client’s decision – and this message is recorded in the Portal/Archival System/Salesforce – for easy compliance verification. At this point – the conversation can resume as it normally might. 

Does MultiLine comply with GDPR Regulations?

Yes. Movius meets the imperatives of GDPR, including privacy by design, explicit consent, data breach notification, and subject access rights. 

The Movius MultiLine solution clearly separates personal and business calls and texts in a transparent and auditable way. The platform can demonstrate the necessary degrees of separation required to meet the privacy by design imperative of GDPR. By separating the personal and business communications on a single device, MultiLine can enable compliance standards at a low cost of regulatory oversight and organization can feel confident that they are not in breach of GDPR regulations.

Is MultiLine suitable for HIPPA compliance?

Yes, MultiLine provides HIPAA-compliant texting and calling through a separate mobile phone number, allowing secure communication between caregivers and patients. 

  • Capture patient consent from text messages through an automated workflow. All patient consent is captured and available as a report in the Management Portal.
  • Identify PHI related keywords and information to redact or block completely from being shared in text messages.
  • Secure communication of PHI between caregivers and patients, with Cloud Data Storage that is HITECH and HIPAA Certified. All communication data is TLS 256-bit AES encrypted at rest and in transit.

Is MultiLine HITRUST certified?

Yes, MultiLine is HITRUST certified. 

Movius Corporation assumes no liability for the accuracy or completeness of this information. Please consult with an attorney for specific information on specific rules and regulations and how they apply to your business.

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