Customer Resources Hub πŸ”’

Topics on onboarding your organization, configuring external applications, and product information

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Quick Start Guides: MultiLine Mobile Apps

Select below for MultiLine iOS and Android Quick Start Guides.

Multiline App Tour

Tour of features for MultiLine apps.

Enterprise Mobility Enablement

Instructions for setting up users with SSO, Intune, or BlackBerry

Microsoft Teams Connector Enablement

Resources for IT admins of Microsoft Teams. Some resources are password protected, log in to view.

Social Messaging Connectors Enablement πŸ”’

WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE enablement materials

Salesforce Enablement

Contains end-to-end documentation of MultiLine for Salesforce solution

Messaging Only (No Voice) Enablement πŸ”’

Enablement materials for customers that deploy MultiLine with voice calling disabled.

Number Port-In πŸ”’

Processes for customers that want to port-in numbers to the Movius platform. Resources are password protected log-in to view.


How-to videos