Search Accounts using Filters

Read on to learn how Admins can set filters using filter menus while searching Accounts in the Management Portal.


Filters menus help Admins search for accounts. This can be used to download a list of users with a certain status or feature or to perform bulk actions such as Move and Resend Invite.

Before you start

Available Filters

There are multiple filter menus available in Accounts Search. Note: Management Portal will only display filter menus relevant to a company's deployment, so admins may not see all options listed below

Filter MenuOptionsDescription
Not Invited
Returns users with the selected statuses. See also Search users and view invitation status
Call RecordingOn/OffReturns users based on having Call Recording 
Message RecordingOn/OffReturns users based on having SMS Recording
Social Messaging/WhatsAppOn/OffReturns users based on having Social Messaging Recording
SalesforceOn/OffReturns users based on having Salesforce connector 
CLAREOn/OffReturns users based on having CLARE enabled

Apply Filters to Accounts Search

Use the filter menus with your search to display accounts based on status or feature set. You can select from multiple filter menus. 

  1. Select Accounts from the left side menu.
  2.  You will see many Filter menus to choose from. In this example we select Status, and can filter users based on what stage they are in the onboarding process.
    Status Filter Menu
  3. When you select a Filter, you will see a blue notification icon for that Filter.
    Filter blue notification icon
  4. You can use Filters in combination with search. Just enter anything you want into the Name / Email MultiLine / Device number field above the Filters menu. 
  5. To start over, select the Clear All option.
    screen showing Clear ALL option in menu 

Download users

To download filtered search results, use the Download iconnext to + Add Account

Note: it isn't necessary to select users before downloading. 

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