Set Filters in Accounts

Read on to learn how Admins can set filters while searching in the Management Portal.


Filters help narrow an Admin's search and can be used with the Move or Resend Invite options.

Before you start

Set filter

  1. Select Accounts from the left side menu.
    Screen showing Accounts and Filters
  2.  You will see many Filter menus to choose from. In this example we select Status, and can filter users based on what stage they are in the onboarding process.
    Status Filter Menu
  3. When you select a Filter, you will see a blue notification icon for that Filter.
    Filter blue notification icon
  4. You can use Filters in combination with search. Just enter anything you want into the Name / Email MultiLine / Device number field above the Filters menu. 
  5. To start over, select the Clear All option.
    screen showing Clear ALL option in menu