When clicking a number to dial from BlackBerry Work, why does Movius switch to Blackberry Work and then again back to Movius?

Movius for BlackBerry is integrated with BlackBerry Dynamics authentication methods and policies. 

When Movius for BlackBerry is launched, if the BlackBerry Dynamics authentication policy is set to delegate, the BlackBerry Dynamics framework automatically calls BlackBerry Work.

If the user is already authenticated with BlackBerry Work, the user will not be prompted for any information and BlackBerry Work will return control to Movius for BlackBerry.  If the user is not authenticated with BlackBerry Work, the user will have to authenticate with the BlackBerry Work password or with Touch ID / Face ID or Fingerprint Authentication on supported iOS and Android devices. 

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  • Created: 11/02/2021 10:29 am EDT
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