Version 3.05 | Release Notes

Movius App 3.05 Release Notes

Read on to learn what’s new with MultiLine Apps.

Production Deployment Schedule

  • December 9, 2022 | Movius for BlackBerry 3.05.02
  • December 16, 2022 | MultiLine v. 3.05.01
  • December 16, 2022 | MultiLine for Intune v. 3.05.01

What's new with all MultiLine apps?

Previously, users could only search for contacts using name or phone number. Users may now search for contacts using any saved contact details, for example address, department, or company. 

See Searching, Viewing, and Editing Contacts

What's new with Movius for BlackBerry?

  • Picture messaging is now available for Movius for BlackBerry apps. 
    • Pictures can be sent from the phone camera or phone gallery. 
    • Movius for BlackBerry doesn't store pictures in the phone gallery. To keep pictures secure:
      • For iOS, Movius for BlackBerry uses the BlackBerry File Manager APIs. 
      • For Android, Movius for BlackBerry uses App Memory (only accessible to the Movius for BlackBerry app) with file information stored in an encrypted database.
    • Picture messaging can be enabled or disabled in the Movius MMP portal.
  • For end user instructions, see Sending Picture Messages.
  • For admin instructions, see Enable Picture Messaging.

What's new with MultiLine and MultiLine for Intune?

  • Multiple Contacts Folders Sync
    • Prior to this release, Exchange contacts needed to be in the root folder in order to sync with MultiLine. Now, MultiLine will be able to sync with contacts in the direct sub-folders.
    • Whether the contacts are in the root folder or sub-folder, they will appear in the same flat Contacts list in the MultiLine or MultiLine for Intune apps.
  • Contacts Search Improvements
    • Currently, when  a user searches their contacts list only the first name and last name of a contact display. This could cause confusion if there are two members in a Contacts list with the same or similar name. Now, more details will display including:
      • Email Address
      • Job Title

Note: This functionality was introduced to Movius for BlackBerry users in v. 3.04.02