Send MultiLine Invitations (Add users)

Learn how to send invitations to users so that they can use them to activate their MultiLine applications.


MultiLine invitations contain user credentials and a password to use for MultiLine activation. Users must activate MultiLine on their device every time they install or reinstall the application. If users lose their invitation, you'll need to send them a new password. See Getting Started with MultiLine for the user experience.

Before you Start 

Send invitation

From Accounts, you can add accounts individually, or upload multiple accounts using a CSV file. Either way, first go to the Accounts tab, and then click Add Account.

Add a single account

  1. Enter the First Name and Last Name.
  2. Enter the Email or Device # that the invitation will be sent to. 
  3. Click the Assign Number link. 
  4. Choose a number or tag from the drop-down menu. (Example above: "PORTED")
  5. Select the User Permissions to which to assign this number. (Example above: "default cos for org 2000")
  6. Click the Invite button, and you have invited a user.

Add multiple accounts

  1. Click the Multiple Accounts tab. 
  2. Download the .CSV template and paste in your users. You can copy/paste from an Excel document. 
  3. Choose the sub-organization that you want these users to be added to. 
  4. Choose the User Permissions group for this upload.  
  5.  Upload the CSV and click Import and Invite. This will trigger the invitation to all the users in the CSV. Note: This will not assign numbers to each user. They will have the option to choose the number themselves, when they onboard onto the application. 

Resend invitation

  1. Select the checkbox next to the User Name.  
  2. Click Resend Invite

  • The Resend Invite button stays active both in the Accounts as well as the Administrator pages, irrespective of whether the numbers are available or not. 
  • Moving the pending invitations from one organization to another will not be allowed if the destination organization does not have enough numbers to onboard. 
  • If a pending invite (without an assigned number) is moved from one organization to another, and if the destination organization does not have enough numbers available then the Move button gets disabled. On selecting the destination organization an error message "Unable to move account(s). You do not have enough numbers available in the selected organization" appears on mouse hover.

Invitation FAQ

Can I assign a number to a specific user?

Yes. Individual numbers can be assigned to a specific person. This is typically needed when numbers are ported or when you need to re-assigning a previously-used number to a new userCan I send bulk invites to users and assign the number?

Can I bulk assign numbers to users?

No. At this time, it is not possible to assign a specific number to a user if you utilize a bulk invitation.

Can I resend an invitation if a user did not receive the email?

Yes. Invitations can be resent to any user. Simply find the user in the Accounts tab of the Portal and click the “Send Invite” button.

How can I tell if a user has used their invitation?

Track Invitation status in the Accounts tab. 

What do I do if I invite a user to the wrong organization?

Move the user to the desired organization. 

What do I do if a user has changed their personal phone number (new device or SIM card)?

When users activate MultiLine, their accounts are associated with their personal phone number. If the user wants to keep the same MultiLine number, delete the user's current account and send a new invitation to the user.