Calls - MultiLine for Intune Android

Read on to learn about making calls in mobile applications. 


There are multiple ways to place a call in MultiLine: from the Keypad, from the Recents tab, from Click-to-Dial, and from your Contacts list.

Before you start

  • Your organization may enable or disable certain functions, including:
    • Calling, Data/Minutes mode, or WiFi calling
    • Call forwarding or Call handling
    • Call recording
  • If you have questions about what functions are enabled, contact your IT group for assistance.

Make a Call from the Keypad

You can dial numbers with the MultiLine keypad. 

  1. Select the Keypad icon in the bottom menu.

  2. If you see the toggle to the left of the call icon, you can choose whether to make the call over Data or Minutes by tapping the toggle.
  3. Begin dialing or typing the number Note: tap the country code to change it

  4. Tap the Results area to view matches and select someone to dial from your Contacts.

Make a call from Contacts 

You can call contacts from your contact list. 

  1. Select the Contacts icon from the bottom menu to bring up the Contacts list.
  2. Tap a contact.

  3. Tap the phone icon  to make the call. 

Call someone back from Calls

You can call someone back who you've recently had a call or missed call with.

  1. Go to your Calls icon from the bottom menu.
  2. Tap twice to call. 

Call someone back from Messages

You can call someone directly from a messages conversation or voicemail message.

From SMS or instant message

  1. Select a message.
  2. Select the Call icon in the upper right of the screen

From voicemail message

  1. Select a voicemail message.

  2. Select the Call icon. 


Read on to learn about Click-to-Dial. 

Notice to iOS users: If you're facing issues dialing conference codes, please upgrade to the latest version of iOS. See this bulletin for more information. 

What is Click-to-Dial?

The Click-to-Dial feature automatically detects and renders phone numbers as links, and allows users to simply click the link to initiate a call using MultiLine. This includes calling contacts, numbers in emails and other apps, and conference bridges.  

For conference bridges, Click-to-Dial allows users to avoid dialing lengthy numbers and PINS, because with a single click, MultiLine apps dials the number, characters (including # or *) and additional digits in the dial string, such as Conference Codes and PINs.

How do I use Click-to-Dial?

When you see a clickable phone number or conference number, simply click the link. The dialer will pre-populate with number and then you need only tap the Call icon to place the call. 

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