Call Settings: Set Data or Minutes calling modes

We want to ensure you stay connected with clients from anywhere. Our patented technology allows you to make and receive calls over wifi, data, and cellular regardless of your underlying carrier.


Minutes mode means MultiLine doesn't require an Internet connection for calls.

  • You'll still need an Internet connection to send or receive messages.

Example #1: Using Minutes

If you use Minutes mode, MultiLine could work even if you're in a rural area with no access to an internet connection. You will make and receive calls over your carrier minutes plan AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodafone, EE, etc...

Call over Data means MultiLine will use an internet connection for calls.

  • When you turn on Wi-Fi for your phone, MultiLine will automatically use it for calling, messaging, and other functions. 
  • If you move outside Wi-Fi coverage, calls will seamlessly transfer to data. 

Example #2: Using Data

If you use Data mode and are connected to your office Wi-Fi, and you walk outside the building and start driving in your car, your call will continue without interruption. Behind the scenes, MultiLine seamlessly transitions from Wi-Fi to your data network, so you won't ever have to worry about the call dropping.  

MultiLine continuously monitors the quality of your data connection. Look for the colored dot next to the briefcase icon. 

  • If it is green, you have a good data connection
  • If it is red, your connection is poor and the call quality may be affected when you use data; try switching to minutes
    • The red dot will also appear if you have Data and Wi-Fi turned off in your Phone Settings. 

How to set Minutes or Data mode

You can choose when to use data or minutes for calls in the Settings menu under Call Settings.

  1. Tap the menu icon ⋮ in the bottom right (iOS) or upper right-hand corner (Android).
  2. Tap Settings, then tap Call Settings

You'll see three options for making and receiving calls.

Make calls

Tap the checkmark to choose your setting. Your selection will automatically save when you exit the menu.

Receive calls

Tap the checkmark to choose your setting. Your selection will automatically save when you exit the menu.

About Choose on Dialer setting

We recommend, if available, Choose on Dialer for outbound calls because this setting offers you the greatest flexibility. 

When you set Choose on Dialer, you'll be able to set whether your outbound calls are data or minutes in two different ways.

Toggle on the Dialer screen

Tap the toggle to switch between Data and Minutes mode. 

Tab on Calls or Contacts screen

Tap the tab to switch between Data and Minutes mode.

USA Only... 

The first time you turn on Data calling mode, you will be prompted to fill out your Set E911 address (US Only). We are legally required to get your emergency address from you to provide Wi-Fi or data calling.