What's New for Movius Release Notes?

Learn about new features that make the Movius release notes easier to use. This page will be updated anytime we make a change to the way we do release notes. 

  • Naming Change (April 2024)
    • Platform Updates are now associated with a Release Version instead of Month Year. 
  • Content and organization change (May 15, 2024)
    • Redundant contextual information removed from individual notes and placed at the top of a category
    • Added Social Messaging category that showcases new features. Note: social messaging stories and bug fixes will still be available in app release notes. 
    • Microsoft Teams Voice Integration category showcases new features for Teams Voice Integration.
  • T-Mobile MultiLine Release Notes (May 29, 2024)
  • Naming Change (June 5, 2024)
    • Adding 'H' to incremental release names to avoid confusion with build number for internal teams 
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