Does MultiLine protect against spam?

Yes. MultiLine has an embedded real-time spam filter. The service intercepts calls that are likely scam and routes them to MultiLine voicemail.

Spam is an unfortunate reality of mobile communications, but there are several strategies we use for MultiLine that work to reduce the amount of spam received, and features for our users to help combat spam calls that still make it through these measures.

When people retire their numbers, carriers take these numbers for a period of time and shut them off. This causes the systems spammers and robo-callers use to identify the numbers as inactive and remove the numbers from their systems. Despite these measures, we have found that about 5% of the numbers we purchase will receive a higher than normal percentage of spam calls. 

Our network partner in the USA has an AI-based text spam filter. Movius can work with our customers to define customer-specific controls. 

Coming Soon in Q2 2022 

We are working with our network partner in the USA to implement the STIR/SHAKEN protocol. STIR/SHAKEN is an industry standard that is expected to dramatically reduce the number of spoofed calls. 

When this happens, MultiLine users will have an additional layer of protection. When the network flags a potentially spoofed call MultiLine will intercept it and route it to voicemail so it does not ring on the users phone.