Does MultiLine protect against spam callers?

Spam calls are an unfortunate reality of mobile communications, but there are several strategies we use for MultiLine that work to reduce the number of spam calls received, and features for our users to help combat spam calls that still make it through these measures.

When people retire their numbers, carriers take these numbers for a period of time and shut them off. This causes the systems spammers and robo-callers use to identify the numbers as inactive and remove the numbers from their systems. Despite these measures, we have found that about 5% of the numbers we purchase will receive a higher than normal percentage of spam calls.

Since October 2021, MultiLine users are noticing far less spam calls thanks to the implementation of state of the art STIR/SHAKEN protocol. The service intercepts calls that are likely scam and routes them to MultiLine voicemail.

Register with Do Not Call

  • These registries discourage “legitimate” marketers from calling the number for marketing purposes since they impose fines for unapproved calls.  
  • They can’t discourage out-of-country or illegitimate marketers from calling since they don’t follow most legal guidelines.  


Register with Do Not Call at


Register with Do Not Call at


Register with Do Not Call List at


Register with National Customer Preference Register (NCPR) by dialing 1909 or by sending SMS to 1909. You can also register using TRAI DND 2.0 mobile app.

New Zealand

Register with Do Not Call at


Register with Telephone Preference Service at

Block Calls

MultiLine users should aggressively use the number blocking feature that is built into the application so that any spam or robo-caller won’t ring on the phone a second time. Blocking numbers is also the best solution to prevent people or companies trying to reach the previous owner of the phone number from disturbing users. Currently MultiLine users can block up to 50 numbers, but very soon we will enable blocking 1000s of numbers. 

Add Known Callers

Avoid picking up spam calls by adding known callers and phone numbers to your contact list. 

  • Any inbound calls from callers in the contact list will have their name display in the inbound call popup. 
  • MultiLine Users have three options for adding contacts:
    1. Sync with the existing contact list on their phone.
    2. Sync with an exchange server, for example, their corporate BlackBerry or Outlook contacts.
    3. Add them manually within the application.

Number Replacement

If your number consistently gets more than about 5 unsolicited calls per day, and you've tried the above measures to no avail, you can request a new phone number. Go to the support feature in the MultiLine App by tapping Settings, then Help, then Contact Support and your MultiLine Administrator can escalate the situation through the proper channels.