Manage Feature Settings

Enabling feature settings, managing security and compliance policies, and more


Set allowed applications
How to set the allowed applications for your organization.
Enable Group Messaging (US Only)
How to enable or disable group messaging in Management Portal
Enable Picture Messaging (US Only)
How to enable or disable Picture Messaging in Management Portal (US Only)
Edit message to users for undelivered multimedia message (US Only)
How to configure the undelivered picture message automessage in Management Portal.
Enable WhatsApp Messaging for users
How to enable or disable WhatsApp Messaging in Management Portal
Configure mobile recording and announcements
How to configure the call recording announcement in Management Portal.
Enable Messaging Opt-In Policy
How to enable or disable SMS Opt-In Flow in Management Portal.
Enable CLARE (Sentiment Analysis)
How to enable CLARE for in Management Portal.
Set up Compliance Restrictions
How to set up compliance restriction groups that prohibit messaging between users of groups in Management Group.
View Redaction policy
See which organizations are set up so that prohibited strings are blocked.
Manage In-App Notifications
How to configure a message that displays to all MultiLine users in Management Portal.
Call & Messages Back-Up
How to view your call and messages back-up setting.